Getting Involved

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Getting Involved

Service.....Man's Highest Calling 

How can you help:         
1. Sponsor one (1) carton of 24 cans of processed turkey @ $100.00 each.  I
f one or two families together in your church sponsors one carton, we will approach the 2013 canning goal!!                   
2. Be a daily “PRAYER PARTNER” in a support group at your church for FOOD for RELIEF …. “In the Name of Christ”!          

3. Be a ‘VOLUNTEER’ for Christ to serve him in helping others in need of FOOD.  Ladies are needed to help in: the food serving area; registration; can drying and labeling!  All that are willing are needed in cutting and griding meat and especially strong men and boys in stirring the meat before canning!  About 15 individuals are needed to can the turkey for each batch!  Will you be there to help?

4. Help acquiring copies of news articles and photos of previous years of canning. We are also looking for people to help compile a listing of individuals that Served as a Volunteer in Relief Canning, Inc. during the past 66 years!!  Contact Jess if you have any information you would be willing to share!

Clean-up youth groups needed Gerber Bldg.…..Pizza & drink provided.
Set-up youth groups needed @ Gerber Bldg…..Pizza & drink provided.
Donations are needed for 30,000 # boneless turkey thigh meat…….$ 40,000.00…….Relief Canning, Inc. Kidron.

We need Saturday Volunteers for first day of Canning at Gerber Bldg. starting at 5 AM.  Bring a friend for a “Day of Service together to feed the HUNGRY!!”

For more information see duties below or to volunteer, contact:

Jess H. Hamman, President, Board of Trustees
330-464-3725 (mobile) 330-669-2154 (home)
330-669-3328 (fax)

Donate Money

Funds are welcome and needed to cover the costs of this operation.

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Volunteers Needed For
Registration & Orientation of Volunteers
Serve Food & Table Cleaning
Nurse Duty
Guide Volunteers to Specific Work Areas
Monitoring White Coat Racks, Sanitizing, & Knife Areas
Dry Wipe, Label Canned Turkey
Call Scheduler: Jesse H. Hamman, President @ 330-464-3725 

Call Jess to be a Local Mission Committee Volunteer (for an hour or more) 
Registration & Orientation Area
Food Serving Area 
White Coat, Sanitizing and Knife Area 
Grinding Area 
Mobile Canner Filling Cans Area 
Dry and Label Cans Area 
Boxing and Pallet Prep Area